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Thank you for your interest
in a Northern Ontario snowmobile holiday.
We would like to provide some important information
to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

This is wilderness riding on groomed trails
Few comfort stations during the ride.
Cell phones do not work.
Temperatures may vary from the freezing point to 40 degrees below (Fahrenheit and Celsius).

At 20 degrees below Fahrenheit sleds need to be properly warmed up after any extended stop. Idling will not do. Treat the sled as if you were breaking it in again for the first few miles or you will be blowing pistons or breaking parts. Lift sled and spin track before moving.
Thumb and hand warmers must be operational. Handlebar muffs are nice at these temperatures.
Have at least one tow strap. Remember to remove the drive belt from a disabled sled when towing it.
Have spare spark plugs, drive belt and basic tool kit for each machine.
You must have a copy of the ownership and insurance with you.

Balaclavas and turtle neck warmers must be worn. Even the best helmet will allow some cold air in with the possibility of Frost Bite at extreme temperatures. Scarves should not be worn. Stop frequently and inspect each other’s faces for signs of Frost Bite!!!!!
Insulated mittens and good boots with removable liners are necessary.
Carry a survival kit with a minimum of a compass, matches, knife, aluminium survival blanket and first aid gear.
Carry snacks and juices/water. Have spare mitts, socks and toque readily available.
Put anything you are carrying in plastic prior to packing in saddlebags or backpacks.

Do not carry or consume alcohol on the trails.
When traveling, stop for fuel at all stations you pass. Add de-icer when fuelling. There is not a lot of room for error. There may be areas where you have to travel up to 100 miles between fill ups.
Stop regularly to count sleds. Usually, at all intersections or set a reasonable schedule. If you have to backtrack too far for someone, you may use up your fuel reserve.
The designated group leader must be well acquainted with the map before starting.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Bob Collins

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